Placement Testing

BARTonline placement testing determines readiness for college level coursework. Students entering Barton for the first time must supply SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, ASSET or other placement scores.  Students must have test scores on file if they are pursuing a certificate or associate degree or are enrolling in a general education class requiring specific test scores. Test scores will be used to place students in the appropriate English and Math course.  Individuals requiring testing accommodations due to disability should contact or call (620) 786-1102.

Math Placement Testing 


Beginning with fall 2018 enrollments, if you're enrolled in the following courses, you may be required to take the Accuplacer placement test unless you have supplied placement scores or a college transcript evidencing successful completion of a prerequisite course: MATH 1806, MATH 1821, MATH 1824, MATH 1828, MATH 1831, MATH 1832, MATH 1840, STAT 1829, STAT 1840, CHEM 1802, CHEM 1806, PHSC 1400. For more information about Accuplacer, please visit the Accuplacer page

You may arrange to take the Accuplacer test online utilizing proctoring through BVirtual, for which there is no charge. You may arrange to take the Accuplacer test at a testing location convenient to you, with proctoring provided by the testing site, for which any site specific proctoring charges will be your responsibility.  Or, you may arrange to come to the Barton County campus in Great Bend, Kansas to take the Accuplacer test which would be proctored by Barton staff. If you are a Fort Riley or Fort Leavenworth resident, the Accuplacer can be taken at those locations as well.  For more information on any of these options, please contact . There is no charge to you for the Accuplacer test itself regardless of testing location. 


English Placement Testing

If you enroll in an ENGL course with BARTonline, you will be required to supply placement scores, a college transcript evidencing successful completion of a prerequisite course, or take the ENGL placement test.  If you enroll in an ENGL course with BARTonline, you will automatically be enrolled into the ENGL 100 placement test and advisors will email students regarding the need to take the ENGL 100 placement test or provide other prerequisite documentation. If you need to take the placement test to place into a particular course, you can access the placement test via your CANVAS account located in your MyBarton Portal (for assistance with logging in to your MyBarton Portal account, please view the Access a Canvas Course instructions). 

Please note that if you do not need to take the placement test, you may disregard the ENGL placement test enrollment. There is no additional fee to take the placement test.

Students taking these tests should understand the high-stakes nature of these tests in determining their placement in college classes. These tests measure academic capability and should not be confused with tests measuring intelligence or ability. Testing provides both the student and the advisor an effective tool to assure academic success. Through enrollment in proper courses, students are more likely to meet their academic goals.

If you have questions regarding placement or the Prerequisite Policy, please email